Cure Dry Cracked Skin with Paraffin Wax

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If you suffer from dry, cracked hands and feet, hot paraffin wax treatments may be your answer. It’s simple and works wonders. You can also use it to treat chapped elbows. Here’s how it works:

Step #1 Find a Paraffin Wax System

You can purchase paraffin wax bricks online or at your local health and beauty store. Melting units can also be purchased online. Or you can melt the wax in a pot on your stove or in the microwave. The dilemma with using your stove top or microwave is that you can’t control the temperature. Scorching hot wax will burn you! A paraffin wax melting unit is designed to melt the wax and keep it at an optimal temperature.

Step #2 Melt the Wax

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It can take up to an hour to melt the wax. Make sure you set up a designated area to melt your wax safely. This means that nothing can accidentally bump it. You’ll need to plug it in to a wall outlet. One idea is to place your paraffin wax unit on a towel on the floor. Position it against the wall so it’s out of the way.

Step #3 While the Wax Melts

While the wax is melting, gather the rest of your equipment. Moisturizing your skin , before you dip it into the wax, is extremely helpful. The hot wax helps seal the moisture into your skin. A few towels are always helpful too.

Step #4 Cool and Dip

Once the wax has melted and cooled to a tolerable temperature, it’s time to dip. In most cases you’ll want to dip your hand or your foot several times. Dip your hand into the hot wax and let the wax cling to your skin. Remove your hand. Allow the wax to harden slightly then dip back into the warm wax. Repeat this process five to seven times until you have a thick layer of warm wax adhered to your hand or foot. Place your hand into a baggie and then if possible, slip into a glove. Many paraffin wax baths come with baggies, gloves, and extra paraffin wax blocks.(see photo above).

Step #5 Rest and Peel

Generally you’ll want to let the hot wax cool on your hand for up to thirty minutes. The benefit is that it is an emollient. It’s used to soften skin and made from petroleum products, it transfers heat well too. The heat transfer works to open pores and soothe sore muscles. Once you’ve allowed the paraffin wax to work its magic, it’s time to peel the wax off. You may be tempted to reuse it, DON’T. Just peel it off and throw it away.

You can use a paraffin wax bath as often as you’d like. It’s a nice way to relax, and it’s a wonderful way to keep your hands and feet soft in the winter.