Make the Switch to Natural Skin Care

There are so many things to keep track of for people who are honestly concerned about their health and well being. We have to think about what we are eating, how much we are eating, what kind of exercise we are getting and how well we are sleeping. There is so much to keep track of these days that I honestly never give my skin care regimen much thought until I recently met with a dermatologist. He suggested that the single most important key to better health was making the switch to a natural skin care system.

As soon as he said ‘natural skin care‘ I’ll admit that I was preparing myself to hear something really hippy and wacky and thought that he was going to give me some special seeds that would eventually grow into special plants that I could then rub all over my face and that would be my natural skin care method…yeah right?! I was wrong. My dermatologist began discussing the wisdom of taking the time to put healthy and natural products into our bodies but then not taking the time to care about the products we were using on the outside of our bodies.

I had never thought much about the skin care products I was using on my skin, but I guarantee that I never once thought to make the change to natural skin care products of any kind(not even for a minute). I only thought about the immediate and visible affects of a product on my skin, I never took time to care about the affects that I wasn’t seeing or about the long term affects of a skin care system on my skin. Go Figure?

Meeting with a dermatologist changed how I view my skin. He said to think about the ingredient list on the container of any product as a prescription. He said that I was putting all of those products on my body and that many of them were soaking in well beneath my skin. I should be just as concerned with what I am putting on my body as I am with what I’m putting in my body. So he and I came up with a great natural skin care system.

Ever since I met with my local dermatologist I have been trying to make more of a conscious effort to choose more natural skin care products on my skin, it has not been easy because some are on the more expensive side and not everyone can afford the better natural choice for your skin, especially because it is all natural with no additives and are more organic. I honestly cannot tell that much difference in the way my skin looks, but am becoming more confident that I am doing the inside of my body a huge favor every time I choose natural skin care over other options.