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How was your weekend? We had lots of odd and ends that we had to take care of but overall, it was a productive weekend. Sometimes time gets away from you and you think you have all the time in the world to get projects done, but then years go by and you’re like…where did the time go? It has been a strange week with snow, ice, and then rain again….and lots of it. We have had a roaring start to our winter weather here in the northwest and it is not going to get any warmer anytime soon. So, sit back and have a gander at things in my newsletter to keep you guessing and hopefully get your curiosity flowing for the next big trend or beauty product. I find it fascinating that products and trends come and go so quickly, but also enjoy the classics as well.

Have a fantastic week!


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What Inspires You

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Beauty Recipes: 5 Recipes for a Face Mask to Treat Common Skin Problems

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Do you suffer from a common skin condition like acne, oily skin, blackheads, pigmentation or dry patches? Find a recipe for a face mask here to treat your skin and reveal the skin you have always wanted! (Read More)

What’s Trending: Jemis Skullies Beanies Thin Bonnet Cap Autumn Casual Beanies Hat

About This Item:

  • The cap suitable for all face, no matter what your hair is long or short, you will look very fashion and have special charm when wearing it. Fashion and popular, ideal stylish accessory to match with casual outfits. Also, for casual daily wear or wear as sleep cap. A fascinating beanie cap, highly recommend!
  • Soft & Stretch Cotton Beanie – Jemis womens slouchy beanie lace on surface, soft, lightweight, breathable, moisture-wicking, friendly to skin and not fade off, very comfortable to wear. Great comfortable fit, achieve the stylish, trendy, slouchy look with this beanie hat. Great product, really wonderful slouchy beanie hats for women. One size fit most!
  • The exquisite appearance will perfectly highlight your fashion sense. Stylish and popular, it will surprise you with its infinite charm. We are sure that you will love the fashion oversized slouchy beanie hats for women men. This beanie hat will be a great gift for those undergoing cancer treatment or for those recovering from cancer. They are also a great gift for those who do not lose their hair. A nice cap to match your everyday wardrobe or wear to elegant special occasions.
  • Perfect for adult Women of any age, Ideal for Spring Autumn not Cold Winter Your order will be packed well, please feel free to buy. Knitted material, fashion and keep warm with. Super soft Polyester material to touch feel cozy. Knit Beanie Hat, Simple and yet stylish design.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed – 30 days free exchange and returns. Please contact us first if there is any question. We will do our best to meet your request and solve your problem quickly and efficiently!

To Learn More about this beanie just Watch Video!

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Inspiration from the Passion of Waves

Watch the waves. Watch small waves, and watch the large waves. Watch them coming in, on the shore untiringly. What do we see? We see the passion. We see the energy. We also wonder about the purpose of the non-stop motion of the waves.

Waves have the undying passion of meeting the shore. They never get tired doing that. One after another, they keep on coming. They keep on smashing on the shore and then subsiding. Then comes another wave. This goes on and on. We have watched the waves so many times that we don’t pay attention to this passion. This passion can teach us a lot. Download some screensavers with videos of waves. Watch them from time to time. You will slowly get that visual of waves associated in your mind with unceasing passion.

The first teaching is not getting tired. Waves don’t get tired. They have a job to do – meet the shore again and again. So they keep on. When we have a job to do, we must behave like that. Non-stop work without getting tired. We will surely get tired, but a visual of waves will remind us immediately that we have work to do and we will continue despite all the tiredness.

The second teaching is work without any break. Have we seen waves taking a small break? Never. Same way, we are passionately working towards a goal, we have to keep that passion on all the time. Every moment that passion must drive us. No other thought but our passion. Great work is done only with such passion. You can achieve impossible with this kind of passion.

The third teaching is passion itself. Waves are passionate to meet the shores. They think of nothing but the shore. Similarly we must develop passion for something. Love creates such passion. Romantic love can do that and so can the love for human beings, like Mother Teresa had. Develop passion for something. Whatever may be your occupation, if you develop passion for excellence, you will get unbelievable results. Let us develop that passion. Let us say – I will passionately work in a manner so that I am satisfied only with the best results. I will keep this passion on forever in my work. I will do everything with passion and will make sure that I achieve great results.

Take inspiration from the passion of waves and you shall achieve success, great success.

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~Until Next time Take Care of Yourself and each other.

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