Products I Use Now: Mary Kay Timewise Age Minimize 3D 4-In-1 Cleanser, Combination/Oily

PRICE: $29.98(as of right now)

My REVIEW of Mary Kay Timewise 4 in 1 Cleanser: “I really like this cleanser, especially for my combination mature skin. I have used Mary Kay off and on for about 5+ Years since college and still have the same beauty consultant. I like to stick with who knows me well, especially when it comes to skincare. The added benefit is that it is fragrance free(questionable), especially since I still smell a light fragrance when I wash my skin every morning and night. Other than that, I like that there are 4 in 1 ingredient to help minimize the time in washing your face. So, this may include a cleanser, toner, mask and astringent, at least this is what my understanding is, either way it cleanses really well to get that stubborn makeup off and leaves my face clean. What more can you ask for right? The only other thing is this can get a bit pricey if you don’t have the budget to purchase Mary Kay products, but overall, it is worth it.”