Where Does Inspiration Come From?

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By Kaylene S Mathews

Inspiration. It’s the key to motivation. It’s the key to staying the course, moving forward, trying new things, doing your best work. It’s the spark that ignites the flame. Most importantly… it’s necessary. One of life’s biggest challenges is to do the right thing everyday; to continue the forward march, to push through. Inspiration is what breathes life into your daily routine. It helps you to remember why you do what you do.

Sometimes inspiration will come out of the blue like a gift. More often, you have to be intentional about finding your inspiration. It can come from a variety of sources. I find inspiration for writing in just about everything. I see connections everywhere, even the most mundane events applied correctly contain life lessons. I find inspiration for maintaining a healthy lifestyle by observing people many years ahead of me out there still making it happen. There is a little lady that comes to the gym. She’s probably in her mid 70’s. She has her hair fixed, her lipstick on, pushing around weights on the weight machines. There’s an elderly gentleman in our neighborhood that I pass on my morning runs. He’s faithful to do his daily walk, even though his spine is so deteriorated that he can’t walk completely upright. He wears a hat that tells me he is a veteran of the Coast Guard. Where does your inspiration come from?

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4 ways to incorporate inspiration into your life.

Read or listen to something inspirational. Two things I read everyday, my bible and an e-mail I get from Runners World; the RW quote of the day. When I open the RW e-mail, it is very aptly entitled “Daily Kick in the Butt.” Short little quotes from people who run. Few are professional runners. They have various occupations, they all just happen to run. Biographies are also a great source of inspiration. If you don’t have time to read, rent or purchase an audiobook to listen to during your daily commute.

Subscribe to inspirational blogs, Facebook pages, Tweeters. There is a lot of really great inspiration out there free for the taking. Subscribing to blogs is convenient because, like my RW e-mails, they’re delivered directly to your inbox. And if you’re going to be on FB or Twitter, might as well use the time to be inspired. Type in #inspiration or #quotes to narrow your search.

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Join a group. I’m in two different inspirational groups. One is a mastermind group and one is a book writing group. Each one provides inspiration, encouragement and accountability. I accomplish more because I have others around me to share the journey. I also know they’re going to ask about what I’m working on, which is the additional inspiration I need to get things done.

Surround yourself with inspiration. This could look very different from person to person. Some find inspiration from past accomplishments, and so they have medals and plaques prominently displayed. Some find inspiration from words, and have quotes framed and hanging where they can read them daily. Others are inspired by people, and so they find time to connect with those people who inspire them. Whatever keeps you going, keep it in front of you.

Where does your inspiration come from? How will you commit to incorporating it into your life?

A coach will assist you with the inspiration and accountability you need to get and stay on track. Kaylene Mathews is the President and owner of KSMLifeCoaching LLC. She offers both personal and group coaching services as well as assessments and training workshops for individuals, groups and corporate teams in the DFW area. For more information visit: http://ksmlifecoaching.com/

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