Favorites: Lemon Orange Body Scrub

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Name: Bare Botanics Body Scrub

First and foremost, I love scrubs, especially with all of their benefits. But you have to find the right one because for myself, I have really sensitive skin, so if that is irritated after using then it was all for nothing. What I look for in a scrub is all natural ingredients and high reviews, but I also look at the complaints as well because it may be something that resonates with my skin sensitivities as well. Where can I start about this Lemon Orange Body Scrub. It feels really great on my skin an smells very refreshing, a bit oily and slippery(so be careful if you are using it in your bathroom tub/shower). But other than that once you are done showering or bathing, you don’t need to put any lotion on per se because after you have scrubbed you skin using this salt scrub, your skin is already moisturized. You may have some salt residues here and there, but overall if you rinsed correctly and got most of the scrub off of your skin before stepping out of the shower, then you should be feeling very smooth.

I highly recommend this, especially if it is something that you enjoy using on your rough patches. For me it is in my thighs(inner & outer) as well as my gluteus maximus. I hope you give this scrub a try. Worth it.


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