Flesh Firm Stick Foundation

I just discovered this foundation and although I have not used it yet, I am really looking forward to trying it out. It is all about using less to look like I am wearing more, especially when it is good for your skin and not too heavy. Like I have mentioned in previous posts, I just did an overhaul of my beauty regiment so that most of my favorite skincare and beauty products are natural and easy to use and/or save time in the bathroom at night or anytime. Although there are a bunch of beauty products on the market that have or claim that there are natural ingredients present, it is important to read the labels. I already have pretty sensitive skin as it is so what I put on it is very important. Here is how this product is described:

What it is

Our soft, flattering foundation sticks come in 40 true shades that glide on the skin to give medium coverage and a dewy finish. Firm Flesh sticks are multipurpose and an A+ complement to Pure Flesh Liquid Foundation: they let you cover, conceal, and contour on your own terms. Bonus points: the sticks also work great as an under-eye brightener and eye shadow primer.

Why we love it

It’s makeup that almost doesn’t look or feel like, you know, makeup. Each foundation stick is super-portable and multi-purpose. Pick one that’s a few shades darker than your perfect match, and it works as a contour stick. A few shades lighter and, voila!, you have a concealer. We reformulated these over and over (and over) to be sure they didn’t turn ashy or mask-like on any shade of skin.

How to use

First, identify a group of shades within your skin tone. Then, find your undertone.

If you see…

Hints of pink, blue or violet you’re COOL (hey, cool)

Hints of peach, yellow, golden or orange-red you’re WARM (that’s hot)

None of the above? You’re NEUTRAL (Namaste)

For concealer: Pick a stick that’s two or three shades lighter than your foundation.

For under-eye brightening: Choose a shade few shades lighter than your foundation. Go for a shade with yellow undertones if you’re looking to brighten and visibly help any purple under eye coloring, and a shade with peachy undertones if you’re in the market to visibly correct any blue/green under eye hues.

For eye shadow primer: Use your foundation shade, or use Froth (01) if a brighter pop of color or a cut crease is your thing.

For contour: Choose a darker shade based on the guide below and apply to the hollows of your face, then blend like crazy.

Shades 1-3, use 13

Shades 4-12, use 25

Shades 13-21, use 31

Shades 22-29, use 35

Shades 30-40, use 40

Good to know

  • Medium coverage with a luminous, lightly dewy, not-chalky finish
  • True color clarity in 40 shades obsessively created for every skin tone
  • Pigment intensifiers to prevent ashy finish in dark shades
  • Creamy, blendable formula
  • Travel friendly
  • Contains no parabens
  • Fragrance free
  • Cruelty free, not tested on animals”

As always, thanks so much for stopping by and checking out my faves for today on beautyshopnmore. I would love to hear more about you and if you even tried this product out for yourself. Contact me, when you have a minute. It will be fun to chat about what we like or dislike about the product. Until next time, have a fabulous day and weekend.

From Mandu

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