Skincare Favorite: Chikyu Products

I started using Chikyu products in January 2021 and fell in love with her products because they actually worked for my sensitive, combination, and mature skin. I tried all of the samples first then went on to purchase the larger sizes and was not disappointed at all. Here are some of my favorites from Chikyu on Etsy:

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Twilight Overnight Mask

Vita-Plus Eye Cream

Rose Face Toner

Rice Pearl Face Cleanser

All of her products are made my hand and are quite lovely. I enjoyed trying the samples and finally purchasing my above favorites in the large bottle sizes. If you ever have any questions about her products as well. I would encourage you to contact her directly. Overall you will not be disappointed, just make sure you choose the right formulations for your skin(Combination, Oily, Dry). Enjoy!

Thanks for checking this out and hope you have a chance to enjoy this or any other Etsy products.

~Love M.