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Hello Everyone,

How are you doing today? and Happy Friday! Can you believe that April is almost here and we are getting ready for Easter. Oh how the time has flown while we are all locked down in quarantine and what not. On to what this post is about right.

I discovered Mented about two months ago when I did a clean out of all products having to do with chemicals and yuckiness that I really did not want on my face. Mented is a beauty company that is black owned by Women of Color and they strive to search for vegan, cruelty free and paraben free ingredients. Yay! It is really hard to find products that fit my skin tone, so to discover this company that not only has what I need in foundations, lipsticks, palettes, etc. Got me intrigued. So I dove in and the first product I tried was the Skin by Mented Foundation Stick .

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I really like that they had different colors for all or most skin tones for women of color, so it was fairly simple to pick what would work for me. I especially like that if you are still on the fence about what your “correct” color pick is they give you a list of other makeup products that you may have in your beauty junk drawer arsenal.

How Does it Feel on My Skin

The feel of the Mented Foundation Stick on my skin is very smooth and not too cakey or heavy. I would compare it to how lotion would feel on your face when you apply it after a cleanse, so not very overwhelming at all.

Price: $30

It is a bit pricey, so it is not like I will be buying it on a weekly basis, more on an as needed basis, so maybe every years or whenever you finish it. Most foundations for hygiene sake last about a year.


Overall I would buy this product again and will be reviewing more products from the Mented Cosmetics Line in the not too distant future.

Where Can You Buy Mented:


Mented Cosmetics


As always thanks for stopping by and checking out my favorite beauty product and seeing what it is all about. I appreciate it and look forward to sharing with you again. Have a fantastic Friday and relaxing weekend.


~Mandu Owner of BeautyShopNMore

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