Mommy Make Up & Multiple Uses

I have been using Mommy Make Up for over 4 years now and I just can’t say enough about this product. I love that you can use one product 4-5 different ways and that the ingredients are all natural. It is definitely a keeper in my book when you can use a product for your eyes, lips, face, cheeks, eye brows, etc. You get what I mean.

Sometimes Mom needs a little help too! Discover Mommy’s Little Helper by Mommy Makeup

Recently I did an overhaul of all of my makeup that was not natural, Made In the USA, and overall just had really bad ingredients for my skin. It has been nice to grab items that I use on the daily and also save me so much time in the mornings or whenever I run off to an appointment, shopping or whenever we have a surprise delivery from grocery stores close by . I totally recommend checking them out if you are looking for makeup that has multiple uses and natural ingredients.

It is also a plus that they have products for all skin tones, especially women of color which I have had a hard time finding, especially at the time I was looking for something that was not so heavy and did not make me look “chalky”.

Here are some of my Favorite products from Mommy Makeup:

Mommy’s Little Helper Concealer

Mineral Dual Powder Foundation

Any Wear Creme

I hope you have a chance to check out these awesome products. The owner also has videos showing how to use the products multiple ways as well. Worth it!

Enjoy and have a fabulous Day!


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