Weekly BeautyShopNMore News Vol.2 Issue31

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Newsletter Highlights Vol.2 Issue 31 8-2-22


First of all, I would like to welcome all of my new subscribers and appreciate those subscribers that have been here from the very beginning.

Happy Tuesday!

How was your weekend?

Today we are finally cooling down after a week long heat wave of burning temps in the 90’s to 100 degrees and up in some parts of the PNW. Thank God for AC and for those that were able to head to the beach I hope that you were able to stay cool.

School is around the corner, and it went by too fast, and I wish it was a bit longer, too be totally honest but that’s life, right? Either way, I hope that you are making the most of your summer and what is left of it to spend time with loved ones and create some fantastic memories.

Welcome to another issue of Beauty Shop N More news. I hope that you enjoy all that I offer in my newsletter and keep coming back for more.

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How did you take care of you this weekend?

The world has been crazy these days, so it is important to take a moment to keep yourself emotionally, mentally and physically strong. I hope that this newsletter inspires you to be your best self and encourages you to take each day one at a time. Until next time take care of yourself.

~Mandu, aka BeautyShopNMore

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Self-Care Mood Management Using Essential Oils

Use any of the following roller blends below as needed to increase your mood, increase your energy or increase your Zen. Now you are ready for whatever the day throws at you. You’ve got this!

Self-Care Essentials
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NOTE: If you click on the banners and links above or below in this post, which I have tried and/ or personally own, I will earn a small commission from your purchases. I appreciate your support. Find Out More Here

TOLOCO Massage Gun

Price: $199.99(as of right now)

About This Item:

  • Massage can effectively relieve muscle fatigue and pain, promote blood circulation, relieve lactic acid, and let you enjoy the comfortable experience brought by deep tissue massage gun
  • Muscle massage 20 speed levels, from low, medium to high, bringing different intensity massage experience
  • Cordless massage, 10 replaceable massage heads help users relax all parts of the body, great for back massage, neck, arms, legs, muscle massage
  • Handheld percussion massage gun, ergonomic silicone handle design can effectively prevent slipping and make it easy to grasp
  • Deep tissue massage gun, with lightweight design with carrying case and user manual, simplifying storage and transportation, the best gift choice for family or friends

6Pieces Head Wraps for Women-Stretch Jersey Turban African Head Knit

Price: $24.59(as of right now)

About this Item (My Review as well):



Light Tan,black,rose Carmine,green,red,blue

  • ❤️You will receive 6 different styles of high-quality head wraps for women, Perfect size (180*85cm/77*33inch), our stretchy headwrap can easily wrap hair of different length (long hair, braids and dreadlocks) to meet daily needs, and can be woven according to their own preferences to different shapes.
  • ❤️What Material❤️It is well known that the solid color head scarf has been very popular. These 6 color African classic head wrap is comfortable and stretchy, designed specifically for women’s fashion. It’s made of boutique polyester (jersey) with elastic fabric,they are easy to dry and breathable, completely fit into your hair, fixed shape, smooth and soft surface, comfortable and easy to wear, you will love them!
  • ❤️What Special❤️High quality jersey head wraps for women is lightweight and easy to use and stretchy, Form-Fitting Comfort. They can be used as head wraps, scarves and shawls, and are suitable for a variety of hairstyles. They are suitable for all seasons, give you lightweight and stylish, durable material, easy to clean, no special skills are required and easy to use. Let you enjoy the good fun of life in the process of use!
  • ❤️What Occasion❤️These long turbans are fashion accessories for women and girls. Design a variety of choice, can match the jeans and other different styles of clothes, the color bright, beautiful decoration, you will be in travel, wedding, party, birthday party, fashion show, yoga, exercise during the perfect hair accessories, gave his girlfriend, daughter, wife’s birthday, Mother’s Day, Christmas and other holiday gifts also is right choice. Multiple colors make you more attractive and get more praise!
  • ❤️NEW What Serve❤️Each product is carefully created for customers, we are strict inspection of the quality of each product to serve our customers, so that you can receive what you want gifts and good mood. If you have any question about our product, please contact us. We will take full responsibility for the product quality and solve your problem quickly and efficiently!

My Review: ” I purchased this headwrap bundle a month ago and use them in between my wig wearing to rest my scalp, still look stylish, match my OTD (outfit of the day) or am just being lazy and/or have to run some quick errands around town. I really like how stretchy they are, the various colors (so you can match it with whatever you are wearing) and also the versatility of care. You wash them in the delicate cycle in your washer and dryer. I would think that if the water temperature was too hot or too lukewarm that the fabric may bleed, but so far, I have only washed them in the delicate cycle. I would like to keep them as long as possible until they start unraveling. Overall, I really enjoy wearing them. “~Purchased 7/2/22